By Tammy / August 19, 2015

Don’t make me hurt you – MY Summer is NOT over!

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So the Southern kids are heading back to school and I love seeing all of my friends pictures and posts – “Suzi is starting Kindergarten,” “Joey is going into 5th.” It’s a rite of passage to have your First Day of School picture taken with a 100lb backpack, lunchbox in hand while standing on the front steps of your house. When I was younger, no one ever actually got to see those pictures because I’m pretty sure they are still sitting in Mom’s 1980 Disc camera. Today, grandma in Brooklyn sees your picture on Facebook before the bus doors have even closed.

The posts that have me “redhot” are the ones that start like this . . . “So sad summer of 2015 is over,” and “Looking back over the summer memories. . . “Well–guess what people?? Summer isn’t over! To be technical–which I like to be–summer is not officially over until Midnight September 22! That leaves us 33 DAYS OF SUMMER LEFT!

Slip&Slide 1A colleague actually got up at a breakfast meeting on JULY 22 and said, “Well now that summer is coming to an end . . . ” It was all I could do not to stab her with my breakfast fork–she’s actually very sweet and I would never do that–maybe just a dull spoon on the arm  . . .

Yes, maybe summer VACATION is over for the kids, but Summer itself – no I don’t think so! MY summer isn’t over . . . there are still plenty of tomatoes to be picked, 90 degree runs to be conquered and lazy days floating on the lake
to be had. I’m not giving up on summer yet!

I think you should be able to replace a bathing suit in August–ever try THAT??–or decide on a steamy August evening at 6:00pm to have a Slip & Slide contest and not have to rig said Slip & Slide with a tarp and kiddie pool, because all summer merchandise has been replaced with binders, spiral notebooks and sweaters.

We spend so much time looking at “what’s next” that we don’t make the time to enjoy today. To me, that means enjoying every last bit of summer.
See you on the lake!

Here is just a small list of events to help you enjoy summer until the very last minute!

By Tammy / August 7, 2015

redhot rants

I know, I know I’m a little late to the blogging game, but I finally decided “Oh what the hell!”

My plan is to educate and hopefully delight you with some beautiful designs, client features and just a little bit about life in general in and around Lake Norman. I’m assuming the things that get me jazzed, might be of interest to someone else –  besides my mom that is. 🙂